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    Below, you will find sample content from a November 2012 version of the "Mobile Web 1: Best Practices" course.

    This small set of pages and activities is designed to show you what it's like to take an online training course with W3C.

    Below you'll see links to the news forum, lectures and more.

    • The news forum is there for students' use throughout the course
    • Each week we add a new content module with a "book" (and its chapters), a quizz and/or an assignment as appropriate
    • Assignments are submitted by uploading your file(s) via the Web
    We use Moodle as the e-learning platform, which is used by over 72,000 training sites around the world including (check for yourself), including, for example, the Open University in the UK.

    Don't be surprised if the content does not show up in the same form in an actual course -- the idea here is simply to give you an idea on "how this online training thing works in practice", not to start the actual training :) ).

    Like what you see? Read the "Mobile Web 1: Best Practices" course description on W3DevCampus and register to one of the next sessions!

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    This section exemplifies what a typical week's course material looks like. It's a mixture of lectures, quizzes and assignments - although not every week has all three!

    Notice the colored bars that highlight this section. As you work through the course the current week's module will be highlighted in this way.